Sada Miera Heritage

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Many people today don’t now anything about their culture. They don’t now where they come form or who their ancestors. Which is very sad just because when you are closer to your culture you start to appreciate it and the struggles our ancestors actually had back in the day. When you start to actually learn about your heritage you can shape the way you live your life. Sada Mirea an archaeologist got closer to her heritage and it influenced her beliefs. Sada Miera is an archaeologist who was always curious about her heritage and her roots. She became an archaeologist and when she went on an expedition to Somalia after she inherited an objects that protects people form evil spirits made from a spiritual tree. She went back to learn more about her culture. When she was there she learned many thing and about how many civilizations actually settled in the area her ancestors lived. She made these discovers after she dug up many artifacts…show more content…
Its not just because it’s important to get to now your ancestors but is could shape a person. We might not have the privileges to go back to are native land and explore to gain the culture but we can take to people and learn form what they know and from what they lived. This will show others that they should be grateful for what they have and they should value everything in their culture. When you get in touch with your culture you will make discovers about rituals that you didn’t now about before. After you make these discovers you might actually start to perform these rituals. I personally have made discovers about these types about rituals and I started to do them. These brought me closer to my heritage and I made change my way of thinking, how everything happens for a reason and we should take advantage of any opportunity we have. Overall looking into you cultural past would only benefit you in a positive way because our past is something very
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