Saddam Hussein's Invasion Of Iraq

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Saddam Hussein has been regarded for centuries as a lethal dictator that led Iraq into the despair and poverty we see today. However, despite his dictatorial methods of leading his country, Hussein accomplished some astonishing heights for his beloved country; heights that were destroyed by the American invasion in 2001. Now, it seems that the question on everyone’s lips is; “Was Iraq better before or after the American invasion?” Many would argue ‘after’ indefinitely, however, many Iraqi citizens are more inclined to believe that their country was better off under the rule of Saddam Hussein. Despite his predominately Ba’thist ideology and nationalist approach to leadership, Hussein never exploited his own people. Unlike America, who invaded Iraq for their own economic and political gain after the attacks of September 11. Furthermore, it seems that America’s invasion led to the destruction of the humanitarian outlook Hussein has instilled into Iraq, one that he devoted much of his political career to. It is a …show more content…

This belief was heightened after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, which America linked directly back to Islamic forces, implying that the 9/11 attack was done in spite of the US. Furthermore, this statement is representative of the pro-war American government that unleashed themselves upon Iraq in 2001. It gives the perspective of the American government and their belief that the Iraqi war was justified, in that it was done in self-defence and for the wellbeing of America. This directly opposes the view that their attack and invasion of the country was for their own political and economic gain. Furthermore, it seems that America’s intervention has led to a crumbling among both the economic and political aspect of Iraqi civilisation despite the immense gain America had upon

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