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This study sets out to zero in on and delve into the works of Sadeq Chuback, Iranian naturalist writer, the late past master in the field of literature and translation studies. Chuback’s works, from rise to his demise, is introduced and the aesthetic and stylistic nature of his writing is scoured in detail. Literarily, discursive practices in his writing will especially be dealt with and ideological and kaleidoscopic panoramas of his writing brought into focus.
Keywords: Discursive practices, language, content and style, naturalism, aestheticism

Sadeq Chubak, (August 5, 1916- July 3, 1998), the author of short fiction, drama, novels and one of the leading 20th-century writers of Iran was born in Busher, where he first studied
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It abhors beautification. Set to patiently study the story of destitute. It uncovers the Humiliated Reality. It is the historian of the present time. It is real, alive and bloodthirsty. It deals with the lower classes. It is documented. It is close to spoken language. It deals with presenting accurate and detailed account of the story. It prioritizes the analysis of personal spirit to society. It puts forward the anti-morals. Writers such as Freud see the love, regret and fear emerging from human’s unsatisfied physical and sexual…show more content…
In more places the use of animals in the stories of Chubak has allegorical aspect. Mr. Mirabedyny says about it: ‘‘the story of the baboon, whose buffoon was dead, is a figurative of years of years after 1320 when the dictator was gone. Social psychology of mass was subjugated with tyranny from fear of habit and experienced freedom with uncertainty but the sovereignty pushes its strikes one after another and people deprived from an aware leader were driven from an event to another. Until after 28 Mordad’s coup d’etat once yield to the dictatorship ...’’ and also says about the story of cage: ‘‘the story of cage puts forward this situation with a tired and disappointed tone.’’ On other hand the presence of animals and objects in story destroys the monotony of the presence of human figures and causes diversity and creates attractiveness. It should not be mentioned that among writers, perhaps more than all, the naturalists have given to the animals and objects importance that this case also is one of the some reasons for proving Chubak’s being naturalist. Symbolists also enjoy this way. On the other hand, realists (realistic) with the aim of increasing believability of story and showing more realism and with the psychological approach enter animals into their stories as fictional characters. Some

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