Sadie Frowne's 'The Story Of A Sweatshop Girl'

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The Gilded Age Workers’ Experience After reading Sadie Frowne’s account, in The Story of a Sweatshop Girl. I was shocked how difficult the lives of the people that worked in these factories, during the Gilded Age, were. Frowne has always been poor and her family has always struggled with buying food and keeping their business running. Once Frowne’s father died, her family had it worse. Frowne started her working experience in her family’s shop, and when she got a little older her family came to the United States by ship. Her family came by the worst way possible—in steerage class. Frowne worked as a servant and received nine dollars a month and a place to live; to Frowne, this was very good pay. Frowne’s mother made nine dollars a week as
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