Sadie's Memoir: A Short Story

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Sadie´s Memoir

Everyone has different memories. Some special in different ways. A few experienced with others. But all have other ways of seeing things. I personally chose to look at positives instead of negatives. The way I see is everything has pros and cons. As said by Napoleon Hill,¨ A positive mind finds a way it can be done; a negative mind finds looks for all the ways it can 't be done.¨Keep it happy!

Summer Day

I awoke to a freezing cold house. Suddenly I heard lonely night owls wailing in the middle of night, which made me alerted. My theory was they were wailing at the kind owner of the magnificent house I was staying at, my Uncle Danny and Aunt Tera. Strangely in Indiana the deadly nights were rough. In my sea blue pj 's with grass green frogs I emerged out of my guest bed. The smooth jittering cold tile lays upon my feet. I saw my laughing mother, my encouraging sister, three serious aunts, and insanely cute baby cousins. I asked my mother,¨ Why are you
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As we got ready for this wonderful day we did it with an encouraging attitude with a smile on our faces! Curiosity crept as we did not know what was to come. Before we left to have this pondering day we decided with a murmur of agreement to take a “selfie”. Of course both mother and I bickered about it not being a selfie because it has two people included in a photo. We dismissed the argument and took the best memory that could be held in a picture! My mother 's hair drifted upon my taste buds,which was quite odd that the wind was blowing that direction. I saw the flicker of the light on the camera which looked as if I faced the sun 's ray itself. But I would do anything for family, family is what counts. The kettle corn popcorn exploded in the red popcorn machine just as the camera dinged, it was like hundreds of pops bursting at once. It drifted into my nostrils forever
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