Sadiqa Character Analysis

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If we study the story thoroughly, it is revealed that all the incidents have been mentioned with convincing details. Skindra Mir takes comprehensive view of each incident to make it appear real. In this story when children are talking to each other or doing something else, they seem to be the real children. Similarly when elders exchange views, then the way it has been described, their conversation and manners really seem to suit them. The family get together on the eve of some happy occasion or funeral ceremony have been completely described in detail and the culture of Multan which is very peculiar has been described in detail and the culture of way and it also seems that these celebrations or rituals also seem to be the actual representations…show more content…
Of course a few characters of the story express their, theological approach to life and do not look dynamic; however, characters like Sadiqa protest and question the validity of the treatment they receive from others. In other words characters are not sacrificed on the necessity of plots or incidents. Apart from minor characters, the characters take decision following the norms of society and also reflect the impact of happenings on their personalities. Sadiqa’s mother and she herself act dynamically.
Skindra Mir makes use of realism and does not to try to impart any lesson to her readers, yet the story parents, questions and issues that demand attention of the representatives of the society. Patterns of Pakistan society are based on the philosophy which supposes the man’s actual existence in the world is less significant than some pre-existing essence. That is why the individual is considered a part of the theological and social set up and is not allowed to operate his life according to his aspirations and
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Society keeps distance between them to avoid any sort of sinful or unlawful mixing or intercourse. For example, Imran’s elder sister tells Sadiqa about the secret love affair among cousins. Such affairs occur mostly because girl does not have the liberty to go out and meet strangers. Further, Sadiqa’s foster father forbids her to avoid the company of her male cousins and later one day asks her to go indoors to avoid the eyes of strangers. Ultimately the distancing becomes the part of the psychology of men and women in the result of which married couples always maintain the distance and remain deprived of life giving intimacy and union of
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