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The Kite Runner by Khalid Alhussaini is very inspiring and powerful novel about a Pashtun named Amir who is looking back over his life during the transition from childhood to adulthood. Amir grew up in a prosperous district of Kabul, Afghanistan. His father was known and respected by others, Amir tried his best to follow his father steps and always craved his love and attention. Ali and his son Hassan (Amir 's best friend), are both loyal servants to Baba and Amir yet and unlike Amir; are of the minority Hazara who is not respected in Afghanistan. Hassan always demonstrates his devoted loyalty to Amir by constantly support him over the years. Amir and Hassan 's relationship was forever changed, after a cold winter day in the year 1975 Amir…show more content…
He also told him that Hassan and his wife were brutally murdered by the Taliban. He told him, "There is a way to be good again.". Amir subsequently decided to risk his life to rescue Hassan 's orphan son, Sohrab, and maybe then he can have an ease from the longtime guilt. Hassan in the novel is presented as a Christ figure. A Christ figure is a character who own qualities or experiences and events similar to those of Jesus figure as he is portrayed in the new testament. Hassan in the kite runner develops these traits: • Hassan 's cleft lip resembles the scars that Jesus bore. • Jesus sacrifices himself for us. Hassan in the novel sacrifices himself many times. •Hassan 's forgiveness and good-hearted resembles Jesus '…show more content…
To use a Christ figure in your literacy work that means that the domain of your work would be larger so it would attract so much more readers, and also we know that Hussaini wrote about the Afghan wars and conflicts too, so that would help in Making the impressive countries that make these wars to fulfill their particular interests and the complete world understands what is actually happening in Afghanistan from the killing, destruction, displacement, an orphanage of children and sure this would make this piece of work more

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