Sadism In Wuthering Heights

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The work presents impacts of educational and social effects like class distinction, violence on female, lack of education and patriarchal society on “Wuthering Heights” which was written in the nineteenth century and was writed by Emily Bronte. (Drew,365-381) Wuthering Heights published in 1847, was the only novel Emily Bronte ever wrote.Novel takes lots of criticisim in the nineteenth century. However, viewed at a distance of some 150 years, the novel can be seen for what it truly is, a work of flawed genius which continues to attract strongly despite its age.The novel clearly reflects nineteenth century problems in terms of human relations, educational problems and inequality of women in terms of social position. The effects of morality…show more content…
When looking at sadism, one almost has to focalize in on Heathcliff. Heathcliff, of course, love Catherine, and he is envious of the relationship she has with Linton. Catherine does not comprehend why Heathcliff is envious of her. She elementarily thinks that she loves. She loved Heathcliff as a kid and her love for him has not exchanged at all over the years. When she is with Heathcliff, she desires to go back to hair-pulling and pinching, because that is the only way she knows how to describe her influence for Heathcliff. Heathcliff is clearly not tented with this relation. He wants a relation that ordinary adults have, with pleasure and lust, but Catherine can not fathom that kind of relation with Heathcliff. So, in order to get his reaction, he scatter his adult love to other sources. He enforce adult sexuality on Linton and Cathy, who are clearly not adults, but they are decent enough for Heathcliff. One of the description of sadism was pleasure in being daemon to others, and that is what Heathcliff is all about. Since Catherine would not give him what he desired he decided to take all of Edgar Linton 's property by having his son and their daughter marry. This, under Edgar Linton 's will, gave all of his goods to Heathcliff, and Edgar desired to exchange is will but Heathcliff bribed the lawyer, Mr. Green, to arrive late. All of this is done just to spite Edgar, and Heathcliff 's only joy came from the fact that he had beaten
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