Sadness In Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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Love can mean many things, such as joy, hate, lust, anything you can think of it can relate to love in a way. A facet of love is sadness, sadness is the condition or quality of being sad, sad is the state of being unhappy or feeling sorrow. Sadness can be a very important attribute when it comes to the topic of love, a story could start off sad and end happy, or just be sad the entire story. Being sad is not one of the best feelings but it can sometimes lead you to happiness, at least that 's what happens in most movies or TV shows. In the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, sadness was shown throughout the story many times, it was also shown throughout Love 's Vocabulary by Diane Ackerman.
In the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, sadness can be shown in many scenes in this specific story, the story is called the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet so it 's going to be sad of course. An example of sadness being shown in this story was when Romeo was depressed because of Rosaline. The reason why Romeo becomes depressed is because he was in love with somebody who did not love him back. In the text, Act One Scene One, Romeo says to Benvolio that Rosaline is living in chaste, meaning that Rosaline is basically saying she 's not having sex anytime soon. Romeo believes that he is in love with Rosaline even though his "love" was just lust but because Rosaline does not "love" Romeo back, it causes him to go into a depression that is until he meets Juliet.
In Love 's Vocabulary
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