Safe Driving Persuasive Speech Analysis

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Each year multiple lives are taken due to absent-minded and lackadaisical driving. The disdain for safe driving is and has been a dilemma to Queensland for many years, and police have counted on heavily on cameras, sobriety, breath testing and heavy fines as a shackle against unsafe drivers. Over the years fatalities have increased, so Queensland Transport has created a series of safe driving movement. On different occasions the transportation dept. informs and recommends the public about the relevance of safe driving. They advertise safe driving through the different channels of the internet. Their safe driving movement is now using effective announcements aimed at speeding; drinking and driving, and reckless driving

Repetition is usually used in the good driving movement in order to rightfully convey their news and also to nail down, that the viewer absorbs the main idea. Fear is often used in a deed, which the listener is an emotional wreck. Presently the U.S. and the transport dept have worked in collab to bring forward a message to everyone about road safety. Since road fatalities have affected Australia so much that the advice has become propaganda in every sense of the term ? There is one idea propagated repeatedly in an emotional manner with appropriate cartoons and even name-calling. But has the massive propaganda campaign
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Also with the ongoing safe driving propaganda the Government and Queensland transport department inputted, road fatalities are still continuing. So therefore how can the safe driving campaign have been effective in ensuring the safety of motorists? The safe driving campaign was effective in that it followed the usual norms of propaganda. Also the campaign was effective in influencing motorists to drive in a more-safe manner, thou it takes time to be accepted and understood by the general
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