Safe Driving Persuasive Speech

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Creating a world where you're not subjected to watching the death of your family member begins with the youth. Teenagers live in the moment but do not realize they are inexperienced so they "live their lives to the fullest" without thinking about what that may mean for others. Opening your eyes fearing in that instant that rapid moment that it is the end of your life. A teen may enjoy living in a good moment, but in any given second a moment of fun can become a tragedy. Not only must drivers ensure that their cars are being driven safely, they must take care of every life that sits there too.
As a sixteen-year-old, I am only two years away from sharing the road with everyone else in society. Without yet beginning my path as a driver, I have
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Being with someone one second, to have them unexpectedly taken away from your life the next, is something no one wants to imagine, but it happens every day. Not responding to someone for a moment is better than never being able to see that person in less than a blink. As these young adults are preparing to place their hands on the wheel others in communities need to put their fingers on the pulses teenagers face in their lives. Tempting distractions evidently need to be eliminated because it can be dangerous for the drivers attention to…show more content…
The Department of Motor Vehicles has been considering moving the age to eighteen. It would harm the financially able seventeen-year-olds from working and attending junior colleges. In the long run, their parents can invest in an innovative “smart car” for their child. Severe car accidents can be avoided if we strive to aid the inexperienced drivers through high-tech safer motor technology and teaching.
We need all of the preparation so we are fully ready for driving maturely, to enhance a safer society with more student's driving, and thriving to better our country. By increasing courses and advancing the cars technical abilities accidents will decrease. I completely believe that legitimate license programs should be necessary for high school graduates all around the nation so that we are all assured our lives are heading in the right
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