Safeguard International Adoption Persuasive Essay

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There are over 20,000 international adoptions into the U.S annually, but a minority of those 20,000 adoptions occurring are illegal or are sending children to an unsteady home. International adoption since the years following World War II has become a worldwide organization that aims to better the lives of children and countries all around. International adoption was set up to help children and countries in need not undermine them, which is what some individuals feel it does do now in our society. Although there may be flaws in the system they are fixable, and international adoption should not be looked at to be shut down because of the few negative spots. International Adoption should continue to operate while protecting children's identity, improving…show more content…
Ensuring the children are who they are represented to be to eliminate the exploitation of stolen children. Furthermore, ending the corruption that lies within international adoption would make it undeniably beneficial. What is done to international adoption from this step forward is all dependent on the willingness of individuals to make a change. Every single country has to open up their minds to bettering the system which will lead to a positive environment. There needs to be a light shown on international adoption to present it as a necessity in our society. Those who do not believe that international adoption should continue have to be shown the that it is a beneficial program which can fix what is wrong throughout it. It is up to every single person to take a piece of responsibility to make this challenge a reality. Society can not say there needs to be a change and then sit back and wait for someone else to do something about it. It will take people to band together to actually accomplish what needs to be done, and once that happens it would be miraculous to see what is to
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