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It is important when working with children that you follow each policy and procedure for safeguarding to ensure that you give the best possible care to the children. Each member of staff should be trained in safeguarding and to understand the importance of noticing signs. There are many legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding which are; Health and safety work act 1974, Children’s act 1989, Data protection act 1998, Education act 2002, Every child matters 2004, Working together to safeguard children 2006, e- safety 2008. When working with all of the legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures it will provide the best possible services for practionier to work with the children and provide them the best possible…show more content…
The setting work in partnership the with Local Safeguarding Children Boards and all procedures should be followed as directed. The nursery also works with a referral and assessment team and they will listen to any concerns you may have and will give you information and guidance on how to deal with the situation at that time. The setting also works with the out of hours’ emergency duty team so you are able to phone them and ask for help and advice on what to do next. Identify the signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses- Most children in the nursery will suffer from a common cold such as, a runny nose, a cough, a temperature. It is important that we help the younger children to understand about cleaning their noes with a tissue, putting it in the bin when finished and encouraging children to wash their hands once they have finished. When a child has chicken pox, the child will start off with sneezing and coughing symptoms. Before the rash appears if the child coughs or sneezes over another child a few days before the rash appears this is when the other children are most likely to catch the illness. Whenever the child is feeling poorly they have symptoms of feeling very tired all the time and loss of appetite. The main signs of a child…show more content…
In each room they will have an evacuation bag which will include a long rope with different coloured handles and the children are encouraged to hold on to the rope, any children sleeping will be woken up immediately and carried out by a member of staff if the child doesn’t understand what is going on. Once the children are outside the evacuation bag, first aid kit, children’s medication and the register will be taken out and they will do a head count on the children to make sure that they have everyone out of the building once it has all been checked and everything is fine it is important to keep the children busy and to keep
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