Safeguarding Practices

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In this essay i will be exploring the role that leadership, management and my setting play in creating change to improve safeguarding outcomes for children and families. Rodd,2005 (p.21) states that “it is important to understand that leadership and management are linked and interwoven.” I will be exploring a broad range of legislation, theories whilst linking it to current research to help give better depth into this critique. Palaiologou (2012 p.198) sights Covey (1992 p.101) theory which highlights that “Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success while leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall”.
In addition, I will consider the central issues involved in inter-professional practice and the
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As an experienced nursery nurse, I believe that “we are responsible for our actions” Shacklock and Smyth, (1998, p.5)also shares this same belief, this is in the sense that our reflection on the day’s events is imperative “to learn from experience or to make greater use of learning where there is no formal guidance or teaching” Fry, Ketteridge and Marshall, n.d.(2014,p.6).
To look at a critical incident and reflect on it, Ramsey, (2010, p.44) states that when “writing our past experiences we learn most and gain the most satisfaction” for the reason that by critically analysing our experience, our understanding and control over professional judgement and consequently over practice is increased Ramsey, (2010, p.44).
Critical incidents such as safeguarding ’refers to some event or situation which marked a significant turning point or change in the life of a person or institution’ Ramsey, (2010, p.24). However, critical incidents in this context are: “mostly straightforward accounts of very commonplace events that occur in routine professional practice which are critical in the sense that they are indicative of underlying trends, motives and structures’ Ramsey,
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As I role model and leader for the children in my setting I demonstrate a positive attitude and behavior towards all the children in my setting. Center for Studies on Inclusive , Armstrong and Moore, (2004). Suggests that “ It is critical that every child is provided with equal opportunities to learn about and experience their culture and that they face no barriers to their learning.” Alongside this statement Every Child Matters Green Paper,(2003) also suggests that “It is also equally important that children are taught the skills that enable them to remain safe and healthy, to achieve everything that they are
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