Safety And Safety Assignment

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Safety and Health at work Assignment
1) Explore the role of communications & training in the promotion & provision of Health & safety at work.
Communication is to talk to your employer/supervisor about the duty’s that has to be carried out. Communication plays a key role in any business. This can be done through different forms:
• This can be done through daily safety meetings to discuss any concerns
• Another example would be using the phone to give instructions.
• During a training session
• Warning signs should be placed in view of any potential hazards.
• Signs should be used to show the fire exits.
• Signs should be clean and visible for all employees and visitors to see
Written communication
• This would be used to email your employee their monthly pay slips.
• To email your employees their work roster.
Communication in the workplace is needed to promote health and safety to prevent accidents, to assure the welfare of management and staff to make the work place a safe place of work and a safe system of work.
The training should be showed to all employees to make sure they are fully aware of the correct protocol and what PPE they should be wearing e.g. Gloves, Aprons the right foot wear. They should be provided with training in manual handling to be fit to lift, pull, carry, move and put down the equipment safely.

2) Outline the principles & procedures of good house-keeping in the workplace.
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