Safety And Safety Essay

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Refers to an organized process of identifying the potential threat or danger that most likely to cause harm. This includes identifying hazards and evaluating potential danger associated with that hazard.
Hazards are objects, situations and practices that can cause harm. There are various types of hazards. It could be in the form of chemicals, unsafe furniture, malfunctioning tools, faulty electricity, industrial noise and even human induced hazards for example stress from a conflict seeking colleague etc.
In childcare setting the case would be that and for sure as obliged by law, these places have risk assessment and safety policy written and evaluated by professionals and experts. It is the legal duty of the employer to carry out a risk assessment at the same time involve the staff by consulting them about the hazards they have identified and faced at work. The employer must consult the
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People who are prone to risks should be identified, risks levels and hazards should be determined and evaluated for the safety management personnel to plan and outline an efficient fire and safety risk assessment.
Young children, elderly, pregnant women, people who are sick, and those with physical and mental disability. Their understanding and comprehension to assess danger is limited by their physical and mental capabilities and therefore are highly at risk of endangering themselves and others.
Areas like stairs should be secured with a safety gate on both ends from top and bottom, high enough not to be climbed by children and one that could be opened to cater children as they grow older and proper lightings should be install. Make sure that floors, carpets and stairs are not wet and clutter free as these pose a high risk for tripping and

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