Safety Culture

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How safety apps takes care of employee safety and boosts Employee Engagement
It is important for an organization to concentrate and improve safety performance. A firm or the organization must have an impressive safety culture. Safety culture is the basic organizational circumstances, in which the important decisions are made either to enhance the safety performance or to determine the safety performance of the organization. According to the US National Safety Council (NSC), the two common factors needed for the effective safety culture in the organization are employee engagement and leadership. Apart from the leadership, it is important to analyze whether the organization has top-down safety leadership. They have to think how they can improve
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It is the process of mobilizing business applications and processes so that employees can take the business actions anytime, anywhere. Enterprise mobility also promises the organizations to improve efficiency and productivity of the organization. It empowers and engages employees in different ways.
The growth of the mobile business applications creates the great opportunity for the EHS business leaders to improve their employee engagement and it equals the safety culture equation.
How mobile apps helps in employee engagement
When employees concentrate on safety they participate in all the actions in a meaningful way and they take responsibility for their personal safety as well as they share the responsibility with others. They will participate in all the safety activities. Safety is not just a program that is done to them instead it is the result of their responsibility.
Most of the mobile apps help in active participation at all the organizational levels. And they help to build an outstanding safety culture. It provides the following.
• Ready to access the information when
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They can report the missing things and accidents instantly instead of waiting until a workstation is available. Workplace hazards can be solved quickly and corrective actions can be taken instantly. Employees can check, whether the safety management system is working as planned or designed. These are the factors that will help in the continuous improvement.
• Cross-functional collaboration
Mobile safety apps will aid in better teamwork and they will faster communication and business operations. For example, the team can conduct the EHS audit of a plant and they can share the findings in real-time. Teammates can quickly communicate among themselves during the audit and also with the plant audit management. Collaboration is further enhanced by automatic workflow and also by the push notifications. The correlative actions can be assigned quickly and the issues can be resolved instantly.
It is always best to analyze what the organization is doing to help protect the safety and health of the employees. It is not just the matter of protecting the employees from the injuries. The cost of the workplace injuries are becoming higher and it may result in low
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