Safety In Construction Case Study

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1. The client shall prepare a documented Health and Safety (H&S) specification for the construction work – provide any principal contractor who is making a bid to perform the construction work for the clients with the same documented specifications. The designer’s input may also be required. The designers need to specify the products or materials that will be of hazard during the construction period. 2. The client shall make sure that principal contractors (PCs) have made provision for the Health and Safety (H&S) costs in their tenders- the principal contractor and the agent must be provided with information that might affect the health and safety of any construction worker on site. 3. The client shall appoint each principal contractor in the form…show more content…
Conscious disregard for safety (active) – an awareness of risk and potential for harm exists but is disregarded by workers and managers. Furthermore, Cheng et al. (2004) outlined few factors affecting the level of safety in construction as: 1. Lack of attention to safety protection by workers. Due to low education standards for construction workers, they do not know how to protect themselves. Even though they attend training, they will not gather all the safety guidelines presented to them. 2. Lack of attention to safety management by main contractors or project managers. When main contractors and project managers lack attention to safety management, it increases the risks of unsafety actions on sites. According to Jain (2007), construction safety management is a challenging duty due to the vibrant nature of construction activities. This can be the root of where the accidents are caused if safety management is not put into practice. 3. Insufficient safety training. Most of the accidents occur because of lack of safety trainings done on site. Safety training must be sufficient at all times. Safety managers have to make sure that all construction workers are trained well and understand the health and safety

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