Essay On Hospital Safety

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Name : Veyini A/P Ramamsamy Class : G4 Student Number : S10135679E Introduction In hospital environment there are a number of safety threats for the patients and healthcare workers. The sources of this safety threats are natural environment, chemical and drugs, people, microorganism and vermins, electricity, wastes, gravity and mechanical stress, surroundings and sound and radiation. This safety threats can be reduced or prevent by using certain preventive measures. 1. Natural Environment In a hospital areas there are many pollution risks. Hospitals will have airborne bacteria, vermin, harmful gases, dust and so on. It is advisable to wear mask at all time when we are in hospitals. The dust around the hospital areas might dirty the equipment therefore, healthcare workers need to keep this equipment clean all the time. This type of pollution can also spread many diseases among the patients, visitors and healthcare workers. To avoid this,…show more content…
Mistakes made by healthcare workers might bring very serious problems for the patients. According to a report by Royal College of Physicians, overworked doctors or healthcare workers poses greater threat to the patients. They might subscribe wrong medications or write a wrong report regarding the patients they are examining due to fatigue. Drug shortages, labelling mistakes, inadequate monitoring, also due to people errors. Even small errors can lead to bigger problems for the patients. Sometimes healthcare workers can operate an equipment wrongly or make careless mistakes during surgeries. This can cause injuries or even death to the patients. For example, after a surgery the hole in the patient chest was not sealed airtight after removing the chest tube. This mistake causes air bubbles to get sucked into the wound and cut off blood supply to the patient's lungs, heart, kidneys and brain and it was left uncorrected. Therefore the patient
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