Pharmacy Safety Statement

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Health and Safety Statement Template
[Name of Pharmacy]
Title: Safety Policy Document Revision No: [ ]
Issue Date [Month, Year] Approved by: [Manager]

[Company Name]


This document is set out in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (section 20) for the safety and protection of the employer, employees and public persons associated with [Pharmacy Name, Address]
This statement describes the Health and Safety responsibilities of the company and its activities with the individuals concerned.


Document Name
Company Name
Statement Developed by
Responsibility of Implementation
Responsibility of Reviewing and Renewing
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This is essential to ensure a successful health and safety environment for all those concerned in accordance with this policy.


Planned Review Date:
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Security personal are employed to deter and prevent any misbehaviour or theft of products.
5.1 Specific Pharmaceutical content including Prescription Drugs
[Company Name/Pharmacy Name] ensure the utmost care is provided with regards to the safety and health of its staff and customers. The all non-prescription drug treatments available to customers are visible throughout the store. These drugs are located on the higher shelves and are behind clear plastic doors to help prevent young children from accessing the content.
The prescription medications are located behind a counter where a security code is needed to ender that section of the store. This section is located behind the till area of the store and access is restricted to staff members only.
Should the store have any difficulties with a customer there are multiple panic buttons located behind the till and prescription drug
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