Sage Singer: Summary

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Sage Singer is a baker who works at night trying to escape reality. Josef Weber is an elderly man who Sage meets at her grief support group in modern day New Hampshire. Sage goes to grief support because her mother died and she is trying to find a way to cope. Her idea of coping is going to grief support and listening to others problems so she doesn’t feel as bad about herself. Josef weber goes to grief support because he feels he is being haunted by his pass, and deserves to die because of what he did. Josef Weber is a daily customer at the bakery Sage works, but she doesn’t notice him until he goes to the same grief support group as her one day. They start having daily conversations about their life when one day Josef confesses to Sage that when he was younger, and didn’t live in New Hampshire yet, he was a nazi. Although…show more content…
Leo works for the government in Boston, trying to hunt down former nazis who have moved to the United States, and think they could get away with what they have done, and tries to get them sent to prison, or back to their country so they could, as he says “rott in hell like they deserve’. Leo persuades Sage to become closer friends with Josef and try to get more information out of him, so he could find out if he is telling the truth or if he is a crazy delusional old man who says he’s a nazi. In the process of becoming closer friends with Josef, Sage’s grandmother tells her all about her horrific experience at the concentration camps. Everything her grandmother tells her convinces Sage to grant Josef his wish, and help him die, soon. Sage found out through her grandmother stories that Josef was a nazi officer at the same time that her grandmother was in the camps, and they had many encounters, but they would never find out because Sage’s grandmother unfortunately passed away the night after telling Sage all about her
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