Sahara And Hosein: A Comparative Analysis

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Every day, there are refugees fleeing their countries because of war, unsafe conditions, and dozens of other reasons. Even though a multitude of them are of different ages, leaving for unalike reasons, or are of various races, refugees can share many similarities in their journey to safety and prosperity. The same can be said about the differences in the person or trip, which may include the year they left, the country they fled from, or even the transportation that was used to deliver the refugee to their destination. Two refugees named Sahara and Hosein had notably different stories, but their treks also shared a bounteous amount of similarities.
In 1988, Sahara departed from her home in Somalia with her grandmother, who was the last fragment
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He traveled to France on a legal travel document issued by the French Embassy where he now lives with two of his sisters and their families. Like Hosein, Sahara planned on having a peaceful life, but she ended up begging on the streets of Yemen. Thankfully, she found work as a servant, and this rescued her from a life of begging. Not long after she got the job, she found a husband, with whom she had four children in the capital of Yemen. However, when she was pregnant with her fourth, he filed a divorce, leaving her on her own with three children and one on the way. She decided to see if UNHCR would choose her to live in a refugee camp. Out of hundreds of refugees, she was chosen to go to the camp in Slovakia. Here, she lives with her four children, safe from the dangers of an unsure life as a divorced woman in Yemen.
Savana and Hosein, although they had differences in their travels, are certainly two different people, but they did share many differences and similarities in their travels and origin. Savana may come from a completely different background than Hosein, but they both had a common goal; to get out of the unsafe country which was their dwelling place. In conclusion, any refugee, of every age, race, or background may have two similar stories, but countless different
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