Sahara Desert Essay

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Geographical process: The Atmospheric process links to the climate in the Sahara desert because of the prevailing wind, which blows from the northeast towards the equator throughout the year, this accounts for the deserts aridness. When the wind moves southwestward, the air warms which results in it releases rainfall because the humidity. The Biotic process is linked with the sahara desert because Desert animals have made adaptations as well as plants, even their features and behavior have adapted to the Sahara Deserts conditions. Some examples of animals that have adapted to the desert are camels, scorpions, birds and spotted hyena, the plant that has also adapted to the Sahara Desert is the welwitschia plant because of its long roots that…show more content…
Effects like tourism, mining for oil, military testing, nuclear bombing, solar power plant and pollution is having a devastating affect on the Sahara Desert. Solar power plant - photo from pinterest Mining villages - photo from The WANDERLUSTers The Sahara Desert is not well protected, this might also be due to the low population in the Sahara desert. A specific impact the community has had on the sahara includes when farmers allow overgrazing, this allows the desert to grow in size, however, this is also destroying plant life. The Sahara is an area of largely uninterrupted habitat. The Sahara Desert is made up of sand and rock and it has small areas of vegetation. Issues the currently exist: An issue that currently exist in the sahara desert is the carless potassium cyanide which is left over when it is used in gold mining. This is dreadful to biodiversity because plant, animals and soil consume it, which damages to their bodies. The issue has an impact in the community because if the animals or plants eat the potassium cyanide they would transfer the potassium to the community when they eat the animals, it would result in the potassium damaging the communities bodies. This process is known as bioaccumulation. This is a threat to human health and the broader society as it can negatively impact the lives of native animals, ecosystems and

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