Sahara Desert Short Story

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My life on sahara desert (Based on true story) It was in the same month of last year, that I had forced to start the journey. Though I had heard it was very dangerous, I didn 't have a choice not to start. I was with another 100 people on lorry car and my best friend was with me. Once I sit over the car, nobody is allowed to move his part of the body. The place is desert, where there is no living things and water bodies. The climate is very hot that I used to feel that like the sun is over my head. The driver was driving at high-speed. After we had travelled 5 days and night, my friend couldn’t able to sit and feel so tired, when she tried to stand up, she falls down from the car. I was not sure whether I am dreaming or not. Since the car has high speed, there was wind. As soon as my friend stands up, the wind blows her up and fall down as far as away. The driver stopped the car and returned back. Unfortunately, my friend was fighting with her breath and pulling her leg and hands. I was crying and trying to wake up my friend, but she passed away. When I cried, the cruel man told me to stop, because that was the beginning. He told me to safe my tear for the next one. Af first I didn’t understand what he was saying. But later on as some death of people follows, I understood what he was saying. It is almost 11 days in the Sahara, I didn’t eat any food and the smugglers gave us water, which is mixed with fuel so that we cannot drink more water. After a long journey, we
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