Saigon Pete's Food Truck Case

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The food truck business has immensely grown over the past five years. Saigon Pete’s, which is the only food truck offering Vietnamese food, is steadily emerging as a food truck sensation in the Chicago area. In order to ensure we keep presence in the area, I strongly recommend we begin the process of expansion. I have a proposal that would lead to even stronger business and would help you get back to focusing more on your true passion within the business. We are currently operating three very successful food trucks; and, we have the only food trucks that serve banh mi. I have been with Saigon Pete’s since the beginning four years ago, and have seen the business grow and steadily generate profits. Our three trucks combined have on average brought in $15,300. If we pursue the expansion and add two more trucks, we could feasibly bring in $10,000 to $12,000 in increased revenue. We have developed the positive reputation in the community needed for such an expansion and the steady popularity of food trucks only adds to the list of factors why this expansion should…show more content…
Food truck laws are ever changing and we must keep up with legislation. I can also concentrate on promoting Saigon Pete’s on such social media sites as Twitter and Facebook. Promoting on social media will allow us to communicate with our customers and promote our business; customer feedback is critical. Our clients will know where we are each day and plan their meals accordingly. I will literally be able to put Saigon Pete’s on the map. I strongly ask that you consider this expansion. I believe with my proven managerial skills I can take Saigon Pete’s to the next level. You can concentrate on the food, as I know that is where your passion is. I have carefully thought about this and believe this will be a win-win situation for
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