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Habitat Istiophorus are saltwater fish. They like to live in the warmer south Atlantic and Pacific where the water is dramatically warmer. There are two main species of sailfish. The first more well known sailfish is the Atlantic sailfish. The other is the Indo-Pacific sailfish. Both types love to live in open water where the temperature range from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They also tend to stay away from land in deep open water but keep close to surface. Appearance Sailfish can appear as many colors ranging from a dark blue to a grey. These colors can be manipulated based on the situation the fish is in. It also has a white belly. Every part of the sailfish is designed for speed and precision. They have large upper mouths that form to a sharp point like a spear. This can be used as a weapon but is also used to glide through the water. Sailfish get their names from the large sail like fins they carry on their back. These fins are usually taller than the body of the fish itself. They also have a second, smaller dorsal fin and two sharp rudder like fins on their bellies for sharp cutting turns in the water. The fins are usually a darker color to intimidate other predators. The more commonly known Atlantic sailfish are 6 feet long but have been known to go up to…show more content…
But the mating season can last all the way to the end of spring. Even though sailfish tend to stay out in the open ocean, most spawning occurs close to land. The process of reproducing begins with the females swimming at the top of the water column, breaking the surface of the water. They then swim slowly with their dorsal fins up above the surface of the water. The males follow the females around usually by themselves or with a couple other males. A large female can release over 4 million eggs into the water. Sailfish grow very quickly at the beginning of their lives. Within a year one can grow up to 4 to 5 feet

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