Sainsbury's Supply Chain Analysis Essay

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In order to be a leader in the industry, overall and in regards to the supply chain, and ensure long-term success, Sainsbury must analyze its supply chain to ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing. While the company has made good progress toward increasing sustainability in its practices, the current issue is how to pass this progress down to its suppliers, ensuring they have the same beliefs as Sainsbury, and guaranteeing consumers know that Sainsbury is providing “the best, the greenest, and the most socially responsible seafood in order to drive loyalty. In order to, create more business and opportunities to allow Sainsbury to be successful. In order to provide Sainsbury with recommendations regarding wild fish sourcing the drivers of change in the industry were identified, the influence Sainsbury can have on their suppliers is examined as well as the concerns in preserving the wild fish supply and how longevity of wild fish species can be ensured with a focus on bycatch. Additionally, the feasibility of dealing directly with fisheries is addressed. Finally and outlook on where the industry is headed is given before recommendations are given regarding wild fish sourcing.
Five drivers of change were identified and are listed below:
1) Customer Demand for Sustainability
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1) Creating and enforcing a Supplier code of conduct which will describe the general value system of a Sainsbury supplier.
2) Institute a clause on sustainable practices and prompt its suppliers to engage in sustainable practices
3) Use Sainsbury’s purchasing power to empower and inspire suppliers to make the conscious decision to be more sustainable
However, limitations due to government regulations are acknowledged along with Sainsbury’s ability to lobby the government for increased

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