Saint Basil Cathedral

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Saint Basil cathedral . Saint basil Cathedral is a monument that drives back to 15th century . saint basil was built as a commemoration of the victorious assaults of the Kazan and Astrakhan. It takes place in the red square , .gruesome and lonely childhood he lived. It influence him in a way that later he became a tyrant. According to some legend, Tsar Ivan gave an order to either blind or cut off all architects head to prevent them from creating a similar masterpiece in futre. Some historians believed that it was built by two architects Brma and Postnik . the other part of them believed that it was the same person but with distinct nickname. In the 17th century , Saint basil was a significant icon of the Russian Architecture. For 4 decades it was one of the highest erection of around 47.5 meters. Later, the Great Bell tower of height 81 meters long was built.…show more content…
In its exterior, it has eight onion domes surrounding the main tower . they form an eight-point star. In the catholic church, the eight point star resembles the day of promise of heavenly kingdom and Christ’s Resurrection in the eighth century. It also gives sense of the church that it acts as a light to the mankind. The pillar of chapels that sourronds the tower are viewd as if the are facing the four poles (south, north, east,west). The other four chapels are shorter , they are placed in between. The main tower , the Cathedral of Intercession, was inspired by Jerusalem city that was illustrated in the bible .It was also seen in the golden domes that was one of main features of the architecture in the western region. Not only Jerusalem city but also Qolsharif Mosque which is a place for Islamic worship in its monumentality and

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