Analysis Of Love By Saint Bernard

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Saint Bernard overviews the four sorts of love that Christians encounter as they develop in their association with God. The main reason for this is on the pretense that God should be love because he is God. The different sorts of love are loving one's self, love out of selfishness, loving God because he is God, and loving yourself because you are in God. The author advises us that God gave us life, as well as He gave us life and created us in the image of himself. Saint Bernard advises us that we are obligated to God for his adoration and his penance. In addition to the fact that we should love God on the grounds that cherishing God does not go without profit. Loving God is advantageous for us because he compensates the individuals who respect Him with the favored condition of the wonderful Heaven, where distress and misery can't enter. And the measure for such love is to love without measure. What the author says is extremely straightforward. Using bible textual evidence he…show more content…
It is claimed that God expresses his love and proves his love for us through the deliverance of his son Jesus. We must also remember the gifts God bestowed to us such as the soul and the body. As well as the creation of light, bread, and air and the intelligence, excellence, virtue. There was
In the Human world without God there is only birth and death and we link our lives with the universe through the material make up of our bodies and its return to the soil or air or atmosphere. The way of life for God could be different from humans. His son is returned back to him in Heaven. God giving his son is like sending off a child to camp. Another representation could compared to playing a survival game where the player creates an avatar and saves the game world. The death in this world doesn’t really have an impact the pain or lose in this world is not as emotionally nor realistically impacting my
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