Saint Cecilia's Accomplishments

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Saint Cecilia was believed to be born during the 2nd or 3rd century AD, but it is unknown the date of her actual birth. She has been claimed to be a daughter of a rich Roman family, which meant that she was Christian from birth. When she was young, she was promised to marry a pagan named Valerian. Despite this promise, she vowed to stay pure to God, and disclosed this vow to her husband when they married. She told him of an angel that watches over her and guards her purity. Upon hearing this news, Valerian traveled to Rome to see the Pope [Urban ⏤ 223-230] and see the angel that guards his wife. No one knows whether he saw the angel or not, but when in Rome, he was baptized by the Pope. When he returned to Cecilia, it is said that they were…show more content…
During their marriage, it is said that she heard heavenly music in her heart and she sang to God for guidance. Because of this, she has become the patron saint of music, church music in particular. Music also includes being the patron saint of musicians, composers, instrument makers, and poets. During the Middle Ages, songs were written and sung in her honor and many followers wrote music and made statues, buildings, and later academies in her name that honor music. This adheres to me because of my connection to music. Music has been a valued part of my life since I was very young and has continued to grow to be a personal necessity since then. It has always served as a calming outlet and a relaxing activity. I see myself as a classical musician that has appreciation for all forms of music. From Bach to Tchaikovsky to Hazo (all of whom are classical composers), I feel the connection to their music and find that the classical music they produce says more than words and is able to tell a story with unlimited emotion. Music has a certain appeal that is wondrous and so different than any other form of communication. That is why it is so important to me. It is different and

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