Saint Gemma

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Contents A brief history of Saint Gemma 2 Where was Saint Gemma based 3 Why do we admire and acknowledge saint Gemma in the 21st century 3 The legacy that Saint Gemma has left behind 5 Why I chose to do my project on Saint Gemma 5 Bibliography 5 Plagiarism check 5 A brief history of Saint Gemma Saint Gemma was born on the 12th March 1878 in Italy. In May 1885, while praying for her sick mother at Mass, Gemma heard an inner voice asking ‘Are you willing to give your mother to me? ’‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘if you will take me, too.’ This favour was denied. From then on she hardly left her mother’s bedside. When she was 7 years old her mother died. In 1887 Gemma started to attend a school run by nuns. They prepared her for her first Holy Communion.…show more content…
Below are a few letters written by people for who she has helped. This is a testimony given by the father, Joseph Perez, concerning the miraculous cure of his son Michael through the intervention of Saint Gemma. “The founder of Church-Woman Antiques youngest grandson Michael, at 18 months old was infected with meningitis, and given no chance to survive, much less to have normal brain functions if he did. Berta (our founder) had us all pray for the intercession of St Gemma Galgani, to save his life. Thirteen days later, he and 12 other children that were infected (with meningitis), walked out of Variety Children’s Hospital in Miami; all safe and sound." *** This is the remarkable intercession of St Gemma in the grace of a healing from a back-spinal problem due to an accident in 2001. This grace occurred right after a Mass that was part of an all day Church festival in New Jersey in honour of St Padre…show more content…
My husband and I attended your festival in September. We arrived at your parish as blessings were still going on. We were in line and approached the priest. My husband was behind of me. I told this priest that I have had constant back pain since an accident. I had been told I would always have trouble. The priest took out part of the stole he was wearing; it had an image of Saint Gemma Galgani on it. Father had my husband place and hold the stole on my back with the image against my back. Father said a prayer, and as the prayer was said; I felt intense heat on my back where the stole was resting. After the blessing, I mentioned this to Father, and he said "praise God". Father also checked if my husband's hand was warm, and it was not; we were also told that Saint Gemma suffered back pain, and was patroness of back sufferers. Father, I had that heat feeling the rest of that day, it did not leave till late at night. It is now October 10th, and I have had no back pain, I walk better, and my stamina is back. I truly believe Saint Gemma has interceded for me. Thank you for reading this; I had to
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