Saint Iggy Summary

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Saint Iggy is a novel that was written by the author Kelly L. Going. Kelly L. Going wrote Saint Iggy in 2006. Going was born in Rhinebeck, New York and after travelling for educational purposes and volunteer services, she eventually returned back to her home state. “In the course of her writing career, Going has published three young adult novels, plus three novels for middle grade readers age 8 – 12, a picture book, and a reference book titled Writing and Selling the YA Novel published by Writer 's Digest. She also has additional picture books and novels under contract” (Wikipedia, 2017). After having her ultimately favored novel published, Fat Kid Rules the World, Going had started to take short story classes in New York City and used the environment around her to produce her third novel, Saint Iggy. Going wrote this young adult fiction book to tell the story of a troubled teen, Iggy Corso, who is trying to get his life together. This novel was written in order to show all young adults that there is a meaning to your life no matter what; occasionally, people just have to find…show more content…
Iggy’s stoned and drunken father continuously picked up this furniture off of the street. Not only does Iggy have a bum for a father as one parenting figure, but, his mother has also been AWOL for a month. In this story, there is not one specific antagonist. The real adversary is Iggy’s surrounding environment in the city, along with the parents that adequately support him. The rising action took place in the very beginning of the story when Iggy was expelled from school for walking into a class that is not his. Mrs. Brando, the teacher of that class, was alarmed that Iggy was capable of harming her, resulting in his expulsion after being reported to the principal (Sims, 2014). Furthermore, Iggy decides that he needs to change everyone’s mind about him and he started to look for ways to do just
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