Saint Novo's Feast Day

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Saint Genevieve was a French saint who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries. Her feast day is January 3rd, and she is the patron saint of Paris, Young Girls, Plague, Fevers, Disasters, Women’s Army Corps, and French Security Forces. Her canonization was pre-congregation. Some symbols associated with her are a loaf of bread, because she gave to the hungry, a candle, which she was able to miraculously light and keep lit despite the devil’s attempts to extinguish it, and a coin, which symbolized her consecration to God. She was also often represented as a shepherdess. Saint Genevieve was born around 422 in Nanterre, near Paris. In 429, Saint Germain, Saint Lupus, and Bishop of Auxerre stopped at Nanterre on the way to Britain where they were to fight against Pelagianism. The residents rushed out to meet them. While Saint Germain addressed the crowd, 7-year-old Genevieve caught his attention. After he finished speaking, Saint Germain called Genevieve and her parents over, and told them of her future sanctity and that she would be be able to accomplish her resolution of serving God and calling others to do the same. He also asked her if she wanted to be a virgin, with Jesus as her only spouse, and she said yes. Genevieve asked for his…show more content…
Genevieve was known for praying, fasting constantly and dedicating herself to God from a young age. Her acts of charity saved many lives. I chose her because I was named after her, I liked her story, and I thought she looked a little bit like me. I want to have her as an example for prayer in my life. I want to set aside more time for praying, and give more to others. I was most impressed by my saint when I read that she was able to lead away an entire army with prayer. Saint Genevieve fasted for long periods of time, like Jesus when he fasted for 40 days in the desert, She also gave to the poor and prayed often, like him. Through the power of prayer, Saint Genevieve was perform many miracles and save the lives of many

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