Saint Therese Biography

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A Brief Biography of Saint Therese
Many things in this saint and her writings irritate me or quite simple bore me. And if I set out to explain what nearly nauseates me, so that people would understand it, that still would not account for the fact that I took the trouble to do so. There are so many things in the world to deal with that do not necessitate a long exegesis
Who is Therese of Lisieux? Having read the above statements, we will realize that, not many were very enthusiastic reading the life of the poor little nun. On the other hand, a reflective reading of her life, which are majorly her own words, would help us understand what the Church would have to say about her. The Little Carmelite saint we now know as Saint Therese, the ‘Little
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On Christmas night of 1886 Therese was said to have had a powerful experience of the love of God and resolved to make a new more positive beginning, (she would refer to this as her first conversion). She felt strongly called by God to join her sisters in the Carmel monastery, even going as far as asking the Pope for permission on one of their family pilgrimage to Rome, this was due to her young age. The Bishop of Lisieux finally granted her wish and allowed her to enter the community at the age of 15. She took the religious name of Sister Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face .
In 1894 her father Louis died, and Therese herself became increasingly aware of the tuberculosis that would shortly take her own life. In January 1895, at the request of her sister Pauline, Therese began writing her autobiography, a collection of childhood memories and accounts of her life in the monastery that together with some other writings hers was given the title Story of a Soul. More than simply a piece of memories of childhood story, Story of a Soul gave Therese the opportunity to describe the profound relationship she had with God, and to ‘sing eternally the mercies of the
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A year after her death, Story of a Soul was circulated and quickly gained a wide readership and became the bestseller in the 20s. In her short life Therese achieve a lot popularity and wide recognition both in the secular sense and in the Catholic circle. Though her book is a best-seller, she never intended to be an author, and though she is the patron saint of the missions she never set foot on any mission territory. Yet she realized in a simple and profound way that even small acts done out of love have great value in the sight of God. She called this insight ‘Little Way of Spiritual Childhood’. This will later become the central theses of her spirituality and won the interest of so many spiritual giants. She regarded herself as a child who could trust and depend entirely on God’s love for everything. The merciful nature of God, for her was inseparable with her conception of trust and dependency on God . Therese emphasized the love and the gentleness of God who she appreciated as mother as well as
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