Saint Thomas Aquinas: Proof The Existence Of God

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Michelle Weaver
Faith & Philosophical Enquiry PHI-110RS-ATWE
Dr. DonatienCicura
25 February 2018
Saint Thomas Aquinas: Proof of the Existence of God Saint Thomas Aquinas was a theologian who wrote about proving the existence of God. There are five ways that Aquinas argues to show that God exists and I chose to write about two of those ways. The second way: “Argument from Efficient Causes” meaning that nothing in this world could have been created from itself. I interpret this as such, life wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t someone who existed before it. All beings were created from a higher power prior to having existence in the world. There has to be a cause in order to have an effect. Aquinas calls
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1.11-12) Therefore, I agree with Aquinas on this argument. Things do not happen by chance. I believe that humans, nature, and animals were all created form God. We are wonderfully and intricately made and to believe that we were not created by God is unimaginable to me. Now let’s explore the fifth way that Aquinas argues. It is the “Argument from Design.” Aquinas argues that most innate things lack knowledge and requires guidance or direction by something more discerning. Aquinas uses the example of the arrow, which has no intelligence, being led to its end by the archer. He concludes that something intelligent guides the arrow to its end; and the being is God. No natural thing of itself can attain its end or destination. I also agree with this argument. I believe that nothing or anyone can achieve a goal without having the guidance of someone behind it. Weaver

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