Salad Bar Observation

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Hello Aimee, I 'm writing you this email with a few concerns regarding one of the other prep cooks who I observed doing multiple unsanitary things today putting everybody who eats at the salad bar at risk from kids all the way to senior citizens who eat at evk. When I returned from setting up the salad bar around 11am and started cutting some watermelon for the line I observed Juan behind me blowing his nose and then not washing them and began prep and at the same time told Anna that "he was sick and everybody at home is sick" and they he would probably go home early. Then I saw and heard multiple times him coughing all over the food while plating desserts, also was putting his hand in his mouth wearing gloves eating them. He also continued to cough over the meats while slicing and I believe around 12:45 stuffed slices of ham in his mouth yet again.…show more content…
I 've worked in a lot of kitchens and never seen anything like this and him as a veteran in the kitchen and at Usc and as we all have food handlers card and responsible for feeding thousands of people daily, better food safety must be taken and not risking spreading influenza and other germs to unsuspecting students and guest to evk. I have brought up the issue before and I believe before I left Monday I informed chef that Juan was sweeping the floor and then putting the broom down and starts to pour the clean tomatoes in containers and touching them which is 100% cross
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