Sale Vera Waterston Analysis

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The Order Sale Vera Waterston or also known as Sá is a crossed breed daughter from her mother an Elemental and her father who is a noble. She is part of the uprising that is trying to stop the segregation and harsh treatment towards the Elementals, as is her mother until she is wounded in a riot. Growing up with Elementals as her family, Sá knows the truth about how the orderly actually treat them. Sá is now stuck between two hard choices of whether she should leave everyone she knows and cares about in the slums and go with her father, or stay and watch as everyone suffers under the power of the orderlies. *** “Sá,” her mother aspirated. “I told you that it’s not safe to go out there with everyone else.” “Why not! You went out there, Kana, Lay, and Angus are out there! What makes us so different? You always wanted me to fit in, to be ‘normal’, but you won’t even let me join the (resistance),” shrieked Sá. “ The…show more content…
“Frag it Sá, what was that for?” “I want to know what’s going on.” “Sá it’s not something I can tell you.” “Angus I swear to the gods,” Sá started to scold when his lips came crashing down on hers. Stunned Sá spudder,”What… What was that… That was.” “Let me claim you,” Angus interrupted. “Claim me, why?” Sá question, still flustered over what just happened. “They can’t take you if your claimed.” “They? Who’s they?” “Oh come on Sá, Who’s they?” he mimics. “Oh I don’t know, let’s guess. How about the people who lit the building on fire, the ones chasing you and your mom, oh I don’t know. Who ever could these people be,” Angus snarls at Sá. “My father,” she questioned. “Wait did you say the caught the building on fire! We have to go back, that place wasn’t just people from the uprising, those where our elderly and young.” “Like hell Sá, if we go back there they’ll take you, you’re different they want you. The most they will do is put down a few elderly and anyone how tries to defy them. There not worth going
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