Salem 1692 Research Paper

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Salem, 1692 Living in the second largest port, people say trade built Salem to be prosperous. However, the trade appears to deteriorate the equal society of first generation farmers, like me, and the fishermen. Luckily, living in the eastern section of the village has gained me prosperity through the richer soils unlike the less fertile western half of the village. Moreover, the western half of the village lost their political influence they once possessed. Most importantly, the western half is where the majority of the witches lives. Recently, chaos rages in the veins of puritans which originates from the fiery accusations of witchcraft. The tranquility in the village shattered when the Salem Village girls encouraged an African slave woman,…show more content…
On the contrary, most of my indentured servants have died out due to malaria bearing mosquitoes infesting our humid rice paddies during the scorching summer. However, I have turned to Africans who have somehow managed to build immunity to yellow fever and malaria. Several plantation owners like me have needed around 65 slaves to do the strenuous work, therefore, the Africans appear to be outnumbering us in terms of population. In addition, tensions have sizzled amongst the slaves and the plantation owners through the force and control which is necessary due to their recent behavior from arson and violence. The worst of all mischief occurred during the Stono Rebellion. About 20 blacks grasped ammunition and weaponry from store at Stono River Bridge. They menacingly burned about seven plantations and killed about twenty of my dear neighbors. More uprisings have progressed throughout our colony after the rebellion. Due to this incense, I have kept a tight surveillance on my slaves through the new slave code. I simply cannot be threatened with fines due to the brutal insolence of the slaves. A new level of rigidness emerges in the our colony. The contamination of insolence through the slaves corrupts South Carolina with fear in the eyes of our
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