Salem Witch Book Report

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The book by Rosalyn Schanzers Witches! The absolutely true tale of disaster in salem gives information about the salem witch trials.The surroundings of the trials(such as weather)changed from winter all the way through spring 1692.They also were very paranoid of a lot of things.Such as witches and the devil.The main theories i will state are Reasons for the witch hunts. One thing that might have caused the witch trials is profit, “ Mary Walcott ,Anns step cousin ,named an astonishing 69 witches”(page 56). This almost proves that she might have been accusing people for money/profit. “Abigail Williams, fingered 41 different witches for attacking her; Ann Putnam Jr. accused 53;her servant Mercy Lewis named 54; and a girl named Mary Walcott who was Ann’s step-cousin, named an astonishing 69 witches”(page 56). This means they were fervently,maliciously, wanted to abolish some of these people,and that most of the accusers stated accused more than 40 people. “Not all witches are human beings. A girl accused 2 dogs of belonging to the devil and said they would cause fits by simply staring at their victims” this might prove that these people did not like dogs and…show more content…
“Mary Walcott,Anns step cousin ,named an astonishing 69 witches”(page 56) how in the world would 69 witches/apparitions haunt you without killing you in a matter of hours. the main points of the essay are that if you lie about something very big you might have it turn out bad,such as the hangings or torturing and the people in trial who pricked thereselves for evidence that the witch was a witch.Another main point is that you need to think before you act because it might get someone or yourself in trouble or harmed. The significance of the trials were very low.There was not but a little
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