Salem Witch Dbq

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Also, the last cause of the Salem Witch Trial was the lack of knowledge of the people. People was just accusing other people of witchcraft, but the accusers did not have an idea of what was going on in the town. For example in Document A says “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” but the people really did not know who was a witch and who was not a witch. This is lack of knowledge because that was not coming for the Bible or something it was just a version of King James, Puritans let other influence their beliefs and did not give a good knowledge about witchcraft. Other example is in Document B when it talks about all the things that happened and that all of that according to the Puritans was “Witchery” that was lack of knowledge because people really did not know what was happening. People was just finding a reason for their bad luck. Because the people did not find a good reason, their beliefs came out and people started thinking about the witchcraft in Salem.…show more content…
There was also the cause of the beliefs of the Puritans, this people was following what for them was the right thing and their own religions. Is very dangerous when people have a lack of knowledge about something or does not too much about, others can influence their own beliefs. All those reasons were very important for the Salem Witch Trial during the 1692. All these causes together are very important because for example if there was not happening a bad economy for some people, it probably this event would had not occurred. This is like the French Revolution when the Enlightenment Era was one of the majors reason for the French Revolution. In this case is the economy cause and the other ones that still to be very important cause for the Salem Witch
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