Salem Witch Trial Research Paper

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Our topic, on the Salem Witch Trial, was chosen because we were inspired by a lesson taught by our 7th-grade social studies teacher, Mr.Wong. He had discussed the Salem Witch Trial as part of the 7th-grade curriculum; we were fascinated by this topic that we wanted to learn more about this event. What captured our interest? It was mostly due to the fact that this topic involved witchcraft since at this day it would most likely not be accepted. We found that the Salem Witch Trial was significant to the US’s history since it foretold the fragility of the US’s society in the past when reacting to a magical threat. However, due to the overwhelming amount of school work last year, we did not have the necessary time to do an in-depth research on this topic; therefore, we decided to do this topic for this year’s social studies fair. Most of the research came from websites that we looked up online such as and However, even though we did have a rather smooth research, we encountered some bumpy milestones. At the beginning of the project all three of us took on jobs that we were quite knowledgeable of; soon after, our typer of the process paper had writer’s block and had to switch with the…show more content…
The Salem Witch Trial caused great conflict among the people. Many would argue that the methods of detecting witchcraft were unlawful while others argued that it wasn’t, the whole innocent or guilty itself also caused conflicts.However, as the year of 1693 had started to roll in, the madness of witches lingering within the citizens had diminished, and the Massachusetts General Court later deemed the trials unlawful. Due to this event, the Justice System is now organized and fair. Every accused person has the right to tell their side of the incident and the judges aren’t biased to a certain
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