Salem Witch Trials Dbq Research

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What if I told you the Salem Witch Trials wasn’t a mystery but a hoax. Let me break this down. The Salem witch trials took place in Salem Massachusetts 1692. During that time period there was a high number of people being accused of BRUJERIA (witchcraft). Now people didn’t have an explanation of this so now in the present day many theories have come up as to why the witch trials took place. In my opinion I think the Salem witch trials were caused by Jealous females looking for a wealthy husband. Why you ask well let me tell you.

Coming from Doc E imagine Salem divided in half, straight through the middle. Making an east and west side. Now on the east side imagine 5 witches spread around with only 30 accusers. Fair amount, right? On the west side imagine 17 witches and 2 accusers. Much more witches than accusers. Not only are the numbers different but here 's the thing, the west side of Salem had been gaining more wealth than the east side. The east side had lost complete political power and farmed poorer land while the west side gained wealth and political influence. This clearly started a fight between each side which led to people accusing others. Making those people seem like they were doing that for the money. Which in fact
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The other percent were either single or widowed. So the key target was a married women. Not to mention that these accused women were in their 40s to 60s. That means they were in their prime time or had the most wealth they could at that age. While because of that the accusers were single women around the age of 16-20. Knowing that it would make you think that these young women would like some money. I mean during that time period if you were a young lady your highest goal was to marry a wealthy man with a lot of land. Many wealthy men were married so clearly their (female accusers) targets were going to be the women married to those wealthy
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