Salem Witch Trials: Do You Believe In Witches?

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Do you believe in witches? Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to teleport or move objects? For many girls in Salem, being called witch put them to death. Were they actually witches? What happened to them? Witches have fascinated many people throughout the years. Most people know they were killed, but not many know how.
According to, the girls had many "big spasms, contortions, screaming, and writhing." Because of this, they were accused, diagnosed, and some even confessed to witchcraft. Modern theories suggest epilepsy, boredom, child abuse, mental illness, and a disease from rye, called convulsive ergotism. Most were killed, but it wasn 't just girls. Men were accused too, just not as much. If someone had so much
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“Burning and hanging were the most popular forms of execution for accused witches.” People who hardcore believed in them and wanted the witches to die started groups who go on witch hunts. They go around and kill anyone who has any signs of being a witch. Some witches who were sentenced to death got pregnant to avoid getting killed for another nine months. They believed that the fetus was innocent and didn’t deserve being killed. They also could be spared if they admitted to being a witch and repented.
When it was over, the judge and people involved just apologized. We don’t know what happened to the bodies. Some say their family came and got the bodies to have a proper burial. Some were just cut down and dropped into a crevice on the side of Gallows Hill. In total, nineteen people were executed, two died in prison, and one died while being pressed under rocks. In conclusion, people believed they were witches because of tantrum-like fits. Their life was not happy and, for many, not long. Of everyone accused, most of them were killed, wither by hanging, burning, or getting attacked by an angry witch hunt. Though some were freed, most never got to see their family
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