Salem Witch Trials Report

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I have lived in Salem my whole life. I have seen it survive with very little, when the people went against each other during King William’s War. I have been around many years, just as you. I have lost friends and family ties with disputes over depending on agriculture or not. Oh! What stupidity, Governor. Now that the Witch trials have begun, they need to come to a stop. I have lost enough already and that’s enough. This January, a group of young ladies went into the woods and danced and chanted loudly in the night with their miraculous voices. Funny thing was, Reverend Parris’s daughter, Betty, and Abigail Williams, his niece, were involved in these demonic actions. A “Reverends” daughter and niece participating in questionable activities…show more content…
They are dividing the town. Now everybody is suspicious and accusing everybody of witch craft. Governor, the witch trials must stop. People rejoice, when a person is hanged now, because there is one less devil in Salem. The Devil is everywhere, Sir; the devil lies awake when everyone is sleeping in the dead of night. The Devil never dies, Sir, until our Savior comes once again. We both know this; this is our faith! If you accuse one of witchcraft, then accuse us all for we are all guilty of doing the devil’s work. No matter if we confess our righteous sins up to the Lord; we are still guilty of doing the devils deed. The devil is everywhere and around everyone; and no man can stop him. Do not be fooled Governor, for as these people die the devil does not die with them…show more content…
For they no longer benefit the community. We are destroying ourselves. We no longer are finding the evil that walks among us, but more of placing blame on someone for our problems. We do not need to deal with the unseen for we cannot prove what they see and say to be true. The minister himself should be able to spot the devils work, yet he cannot, because he is too holy. However, God, the Holy of Holies, sees the devil’s path, and the minister cannot. Governor William Phipps, we need to stop killing innocent people, and discover the actual truth, instead of believing some girls, who confessed to save themselves. What selfish people we have become to allow someone else to die in order for us to live a better life than before. I want you to end these trials immediately (Call to
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