Salem Witch Trials Research Paper

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Burroughs was one of six names the judges heard on April 30th .(Aronson 12). This was clearly a new phase of the outbreak . For among the accused was Philip English ,the richest man in Salem, the owner of twenty one ships and fourteen buildings. In mid-May yet another wealthy male was named ,Daniel Andrew of Salem Town. Daniel was married to john porters youngest daughter and was s constant opponent of the Putnams in town politics.
The Accusations coming from Salem were far outside any previous pattern of witchcraft allegations ,not just women ,but men ,not just poor local people disliked for being angry or resented for their neediness ,but leaders of the community. Until recently ,historians saw that this last group of accusations as a sign …show more content…

Several women and men were accused of illegal practice of witchcraft. The who were charged were residents of Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The first women to be accused of the illicit practice of witchcraft were Sarah Osborne, Sarah Good, and Tituba. These women and men were accused of witchcraft following the mysterious maladies experienced by Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams. Tituba confessed to the crimes after being coerced by the authorities. After she had admitted to the crime, Tituba asked the authorities to seek for more witches living in Salem. The doctor also confirmed the mysterious maladies experienced by Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Parris. She concluded that they were suffering from the effects of witchcraft. Several residents from Salem Village were corroborated into the crime. Apart from the girls, there are other members of the community who had experienced the effects of witchcraft. Salem residents afflicted them together following wide accusations of individuals engaged in witchcraft. Following these incidents, several other middle-aged women and men including a four-year-old child were incriminated of witchcraft and arraigned in court for trail. Other people from the surrounding villages were also implicated in Satanic practices. After these incidents, a special court was convened in Salem Town to hear the cases of individuals who were accused of practicing witchcraft. Therefore, the women and men featured in Documents 14-75 were accused of witches after a group of young girls from Salem village claimed of being possessed by the

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