Salem Witch Trials Research Paper

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The Salem Witch Trials were a dark time in history for the American colonies in 1692. Colonists were wrongly accused and killed because others thought they were witches. The trials affected the beliefs of people’s thoughts on witches and other mystical beings. Also, it has impacted both Salem and America equally. The Salem Witch Trials are a dark chapter in American history that helped define societal beliefs. Colonists who left England seeking religious tolerance are known as Puritans. The life of the Puritans was mainly influenced by Christian beliefs and the church. Their laws were harsh and every Puritan needed to follow a moral code. Anyone or anything that went against the code was punished because going against the code was considered …show more content…

Reverend Parris led the community in prayer vigils. The community fasted and worshipped to God so that he would purify the curse off the girls (Magoon, 8-9). According to Latson, in Salem, it was easy to be called a witch. To be called a witch, people had to say that witches existed.
Samuel Parris led to the largest witch hunt in America. People who had reputations such as healers and cunning folk were several of the men and women accused and executed (Hall). Many poor farmers of Salem Village supported Parris because to the farmers, Parris and the village church represented strength and traditional values. Samuel Parris and some of his adherents helped lead the witch hunt (World Book Encyclopedia, 61). Examinations were moved to Salem Town from Salem Village on April 12. The public witch hunt arrested 150 people. After a year in the witch hunt, Salem’s leading ministers helped stop it.
To prove that the accused was not a witch in trial, evidence was needed. The accused man or woman had to recite the Lord’s Prayer. “This seems simple enough. But the young girls who attended the trial were known to scream and writhe on the floor in the middle of the test. It is easy to understand why some could not pass” (Witchcraft in Salem). Physical evidence was also needed for proof. Warts, moles, birthmarks, or any other blemishes were seen as portals for Satan so he could enter a

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