Salem Witch Trials: The Mistreatment Of African Americans In 1692

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Throughout the course of America’s history there are many events of injustice: the mistreatment of Native Americans, using African Americans as personal property, and accusing men and women in Salem, Massachusetts of witchcraft. The Salem witch trials occurred many years ago in 1692. In the Puritan community, religion was a huge part of life. It controlled most of people’s everyday activities and was a way to find hope in their difficult, unglamourous lives. According to, “Puritans were portrayed by their enemies as hair splitters who slavishly followed their bibles as guides to daily life” (Delbanco). In 1692, a Puritan’s faith was easily shaken. They were extremely wary of the supernatural, and more importantly the “Devil’s magic” says Smithsonian Magazine (Bloomberg).
The event that started it all happened in January of 1692. Elizabeth Parris, a reverend’s daughter, and her cousin Abigail Williams began having unusual fits. The fits consisted of violent contortions, writhing, and irrepressible screaming. A local doctor, William Griggs, diagnosed the two young girls with bewitchment. There were a few other cases of similar fits all involving adolescent girls in the community. The blame
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He lived with her and the two later married. Commiting fornification was not the only unusual thing she did. Sarah tried to claim her late husband’s estate to use for Alexander and herself, denying her two sons of their inheritance. This was considered very unorthodox for a woman at this time. The Salem witch trials Documentary Archive and Transcription project points out that Sarah would be affecting the progress of the community here “By aspiring to deny her two sons of their wealth and social position, she threatened the growth and stability of Putnam family alliances in Salem Village” (Carroll). Osborne never admitted to the charges and she never accused anyone
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