Sales Department Research Paper

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14. Structure of the Sales Department Number of Employees There are 35 employees working in the sales department Sales Operations AS we know that Sale operation is the most important and regular function in sales. In HPFL Sales operations roles is well defined and link and connect with the mission of the company and explain the importance of sales operation that how and what the sales operations will do for company. Sales operation makes sales operations team, arrange the parts and projects that have make revenue or profit effect. In HPFL sales operations play a serious role. It creates useful development and also backings the sales HPFL Sales operations usually handle and support…show more content…
We never believe on just sale plain because sales plan cannot provide best result if the procedures of sales are not being followed. Best result Sales methodology plays a important role. In HPFL the sales team delivers the best product to the organization because they follow the sales methods and procedures properly. The sales methodologies which they followed were to make strategies on time and estimate correctly about the product. Many methods In sales methodology there are many methods to classify suspects, increase attention, gain interest, make their desire and change them to action. Sales methodology is the sales method which is used in the process of selling by the HPFL. In HPFL the way they use their methods were perfect and also they involve the entire department. Customer satisfaction HPFL brings the best sales to his customers according to the demand of customer so the customer should satisfied with the quality and should be loyal. Types of Selling Objective The objective of HPFL sales department is to establish all possible technique to maintain the best quality and make the impression of the product positive in the mind of the
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