Sales Force Motivation Literature Review

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Literature Review Motivation refers to the reasons for anybody’s wants, needs and actions. It also shows how somebody behaves. Motives are the elements which makes a person to behave in certain way or act in certain behavior. It is simply the relation between what and why we do a specific task. Sales force is group or number of people who are responsible for selling and directly contacting the direct customers in an organization. Sales force motivation is essential not only to boost morale and motivation but also for achieving high performance. Sales force motivation is one of the most difficult and sensitive tasks in the organization. This is because they are the people who directly deal with the direct customers of the organization and hence…show more content…
Sales people will bring in new accounts and big accounts, here the company should make sure that the service center are also motivated equally as sales people are, in order to retain these accounts. Q2) what are the effective ways by which you can motivate the sales force and achieve high performance? Time Time is an investment in the future success of sales. Time must be set to train and develop the sales member rather than creating a difference between old and new members. The role of a sales manager is to inspire, train and develop and motivate the sales members. The 80/20 sales coaching formula is 80% strategies and 20% training and developing Problems and solutions Some problems like lack of understanding what coaching or training and development of sales member’s means. The sales forces are the physical representer of the organization taking that as the basis, you can train your sales force in different areas like - One-on-one ( review number of accounts of source activity, monthly themes, marketing strategies) - Group-sales meeting - Customer…show more content…
Creative ways to motivate sales force Instead of awarding the best sales performance and concentrating on motivating them only 10% of the sales force, it is essential to focus more on the other 90% of the sales force. The question here is how to motivate this 90% of the sales force? As a manager, one technique is how to time the visits to the visits to the field. This helps salespeople to stay stunned, focused, goal-oriented and motivated. A smart manager, doesn’t motivate the sales people directly, but provides the environment where their self-motivation can thrive and succeed. ‘creating meetings, discussing and sharing information among the sales people in order to give feedbacks and exchange ideas is a strong tool to be self-motivated and achieve high performance. Q3) Are there any other elements that can create motivation to sales force and help in achieving high performance? Sales quotas as sales

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