Armstrong Accountancy Case Study

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This report is designed to provide insight for the sales management performance in Armstrong Accountancy. The aim of this report is to discuss and critically evaluate leadership skills that are required by sales managers and directors in managing sales performance. The report further highlights the contemporary incentives that can be deigned to incentivise sales team along with advantages and disadvantages of different sales force organisational structure. Further the report will also highlight the sales performance management techniques and tools that can be used in reviewing the organisations planning process including the recommendations that can help enhance sales performance management of Armstrong Accountancy. 1.0 Background

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The sales force where there exists credibility among members and who can relate to each other significantly contribute towards overall improvement of performance and success of business. The sales managers and directors with incoherent sales group generally does not contribute in adding value in the business. This could lead the sales team performing mediocrely (Calvin, 2007).
Therefore, for Armstrong Accountancy, it is important for sales managers and directors to develop a strong team through their leadership skills in order to further add value to the business. Also strong sales team in crucial for the advancement of the business in new locations and to expand the business in more than one type in which the company is currently operating (McClay, 2010).
Furthermore, it is worth remembering that sales teams, given the occasion might need to perform at various levels. The strong sales teams can help in establishing strong sales force in new locations. This not only makes the management of sales force easy but also contributes in involving and motivating the sales force more for performing their
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Training and evaluation is an important aspect as it facilitates in enhancing the performance of the employees and helps them to motivate the employees in accomplishing their tasks. In the sales department, the sales manager and directors of Armstrong Accountancy should possess the capability to select the candidates who are outgoing and are highly energetic. Finding right candidates, who are highly energetic and competitive by nature and who work hard to cone on the top through their performance can help the Armstrong Accountancy’s Sales managers and directors to upgrade their performance (Blokdijk,

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